A good supplier structure is essential for business success and the quality of our products. We focus on long-term partnerships with trusted suppliers. 
The purchase of aqotec is responsible for communication with external suppliers and the procurement of products and services and has an optimal price-performance ratio of our products to target acquisition. 


To ensure the requirements and satisfaction of our customers, we pursue our quality target of "zero defects". The ability of suppliers quality is underlined by an active quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 or equivalent standards. Quality and logistics performance are determined by transparent and standardized metrics. We support our suppliers active in the further development of their skills and lead to this end, if necessary, supplier audits by.

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Head of Purchasing

Walter Schöfegger
Tel.: +43 7684 20400 221

You want to become a supplier of aqotec GmbH? 

Contact us and we will send you the necessary documents and information. 


  • First contact
  • Supplier Profile
  • Assessment
  • Information about how to proceed

docutments for suppliers


  • Supplier self-assessment 
  • quality agreement
  • parameter and supply agreement
  • Confidentiality Agreement