Our company is based on the needs of customers and the demands of the market for our products and services. In order to achieve high customer satisfaction, we offer high product quality, cater to customers special requests, tailor our products to customer needs and provide a permanent service. It is our intention to market our products and services profitably. 
We want a customer - partnership, which integrates the economic and environmental value creation, and so reflect the identity of the company as a serious, innovative and economically successful partner in public. 
The company recognizes the value and benefits of each employee and creates the conditions that contribute to the personal satisfaction of employees. Motivation, health and identification with the company and job security are essential parameters for the satisfaction of employees. The company promotes employees to their qualification through ongoing training based on latest technology to motivate them and to create long-term loyalty to the company. 
A partnership relationship with our suppliers allows to fulfill the requirements of our company perfectly. By selecting a competent partner, it is possible to lead a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship. 
The quality management system according to ISO 9001 provides the basis for efficient and clear procedures in all areas of our business and enhances the quality of our services. 
These conditions, the satisfaction of our employees, customers and suppliers are continually evaluated and integrated into the process of improvement. 
The corporate governance requires all necessary measures which ensure the growth and stability of value of the company.