Oct 11, 2018

Another step towards digitalization - digital commissioning.

Digital commissioning The new RM360 controller can now be put into operation directly on the system using any Android tablet via the aqo360 ° visualization. Depending on the parameterization, the visualization is automatically generated by the system and can be enclosed later in the commissioni...Weiterlesen
Dec 19, 2016

New partners for a stronger sales network

In times of speed in business, strong partners are needed. We have found exactly the same. With Zewotherm GmbH (aqoLoft  - Germany) and tsd SA (Belgium and Luxembourg), we were able to expand our sales network and ensure a qualitative supply of information.Weiterlesen
Nov 16, 2015

aqotec - an european sought-after partner

Despite the decline market in D-A-CH the Upper Austrian aqotec GmbH was able to expand the European market share. Customers in Italy, Austria and Germany ordered the delivery and installation of individual district heating transfer stations with a total of just under € 7 million. Pa...Weiterlesen
Mar 26, 2015

aqoConnect expanded range of aqotec

With the implementation of data transmission using RF radio modules a further step towards comfortable reading Data is succeeded by aqotec. The module card uses for data transmission wireless technology with mesh function (mesh, self-employed building up and configure ad hoc networks). Wit...Weiterlesen
Aug 26, 2014

Also "Stadtwerke Wörgl" are fully convinced of aqotec

The "Sorglos Wärme of the Stadtwerke Wörgl" relies on technology at the cutting edge of aqotec. Within the next five years about 1000 stations (aqoClick S, aqoClick L, aqoFrame, ..) will be delivered - of course perfectly adapted to the needs of customers. www.sorglos-waerm...Weiterlesen
Aug 26, 2014

Stadtwerke Bad Tölz rely on know-how of aqotec

The biomass cogeneration plant at Lettenholzstrasse (commissioned in 2008) is used to generate electricity and heat. With this system, the complete heat supply for the 25 apartment buildings with over 650 residential units, a school, two kindergartens as well as the service center Flinthöhe is ...Weiterlesen