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Management and communication systems serve to solve overarching, complex control and regulation problems. The aqo360° system engages already during power generation while optimising the use of primary energy. Energy generation, the heating network, and house connections are monitored and regulated. All relevant data are visualised via a clear graphical software interface.

  • Readable from various regulation devices and manufacturers
  • Full responsive design
  • Optimised touch controls
  • Recording via SQL database
  • Automated backup with adjustable schedule
  • Server solution
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 2012 Server
  • Authorisation via Windows user administration
  • Optimised for client-server configurations

The data acquisition and visualisation program serves to display all detected values ​​from the district heating plant. All connected controllers of the house transfer stations appear in separate windows and tables on the Windows screen. In principle, any customer can configure the entire systeme as desired. Both system visualisation and integrated overall regulation cover energy production at the heating plant, targeted and optimal use of energy resources, distribution of thermal energy into the grid, all the way to regulating house transfer stations, secondary-side control circuits, leak warning monitoring, and consumption billing.

All processes can be transparently documented. Operating data of individual system components are continuously logged, becoming thus available for dynamic analyses.

NEW - aqo360° CALORIS - NEW

aqo360° Caloris* is a piece of software that has been used for accounting services for district heating plants for 20 years. The software is used by small, medium-sized, and large providers and impresses with its individual customisation and covers all output ranges to be expected from a specialist piece of software. From managing contracts and common meter models, billing, and payment monitoring, to creating informative statistics - in short, this software leaves nothing to be desired, meaning you know you can rely on it.

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