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A new solution for many problems! aqoBalance is a new and unique system, which through the "myWarm® process" guarantees a holistic optimisation of central heating and cooling systems. With the help of aqoBalance, many plants have already been optimised and consumption reductions of up to 30% have been achieved. We are happy to help you too!

  • Full functional quality by detection of structural defects
  • Lasting comfort improvement
  • uniform supply of all radiators
  • changes to target temperature take place quickly
  • short heating times, elimination of flow noise
  • Higher efficiency
  • Savings
  • Proof of the correct supply (=hydraulic balancing)

Hydraulic balancing - WHY?

Hydraulic balancing is a myWarm® process that allows one to adjust, within a heating system, each radiator or heating circuit of a surface heating system to a certain flow of warm water. This is to ensure that, at a certain flow temperature as the operating point of the heating system, each room is supplied with the exact amount of heat and the average temperature of each radiator is the same.

Structural defects in the system are often "energy guzzlers"

Many plants suffer from structural defects and connection errors.

The feed and return lines of individual radiators have often been swapped. Depending on the connection type, these radiators are only performing at 50%.
In the case of hydraulic balancing, the reliable assignment of each radiator to the general supply is extremely important. Especially in older buildings the set-up does not necessarily correspond with the plan.
Many heating plants have been subject to changes and conversions over time. 
This may have led to short circuits between the feed and return lines, bypasses, overcurrent valves, additional pumps etc. which in turn led to hydraulic reverse circulation. This must be identified by hydraulic balancing and reversed.


A missing or inaccurate balancing in heating leads to:

Too much or too little heat from heating surfaces
Comfort restriction or loss of comfort (rooms do not warm up, problems with heating times, annoying sounds, etc.)
high feed and high return line temperatures
often high power usage due to high, oversized pump capacities
inefficient heating due to oversized boiler and connection performance
high wastage ways for users
unnecessarily high operating costs


Purpose of aqoBalance

The purpose of using aqoBalance is the metrologically verifiable, precise hydraulic balancing of all radiators and groups by means of the myWarm® process. For this pumps and heating curves are adjusted so that in all load situations:

All heating surfaces show the correct (average) temperature.
All rooms have the corresponding room temperature.
The system flow and return temperatures provide or produce cost effective and efficient heat.
The circulation pumps operate with the least power possible.


One aqoBalance Use at a glance

Recording of relevant data from the system, radiators and buildings

Installation of myWarm® measuring sensors on all radiators and groups, installation of indoor and outdoor sensors
Measurement (wireless) as well as analysis and review of the measured values
Automated optimisation
Dismantling of measurement and adjustment tools
Documentation including measurement protocol
Using aqoBalance application takes on average, depending on size, 1 – 4 days.