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The district heating transfer station aqoClick is a compact device for the indirect district heating of buildings. A copper soldered stainless steel plate heat exchanger only transfers the amount of heat actually required at the customer facility. The heating system is hydraulically separated from the district heating network.

  • Demand-dependent power grading
  • Connections of the primary and secondary media are freely selectable (top and/or bottom)
  • Innovative heat insulation
  • Heat exchanger with large thermal length
  • Low space requirement
  • Minimal on-site installation effort
  • Optimal combination and expansion options
  • Adjustment of the axle spacing of the pipes to standard heating circuits

The components of the transfer station are fully assembled and electrically wired to the controls which calculate the flow temperature of the heating side based on requirements, outside temperature and customer specifications. The removable heat insulation cover ensures that all heat-carrying components are completely insulated and easily accessible for any type of work. The temperature sensors in the primary side return pipe, as well as the secondary side flow pipe, are attached via thermowells directly to the fluid stream.

The flat-sealing installation makes it easy to carry out maintenance work or replace components. To offer you the best protection, the district heating transfer station has easily accessible and large-sized dirt filters on the primary and on the secondary side.

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