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District heating stations aqoFrame & aqoCase cover the entire heat transfer spectrum up to several megawatts. They contain all the necessary modules for connecting the building systems to the relevant district heating network

  • Custom fabrication according to requirements
  • Innovative heat insulation
  • Low vibration and sound absorbing construction
  • Heat exchanger with large thermal length
  • Low space requirement
  • Minimal on-site installation effort
  • Optimal combination and expansion options
  • Very detailed 3D design (upon request))

Trained employees are there to advise you when planning the configuration of the station. The systems are built according to the requirements of the network operator.

Apart from using standardised modules, the systems can be freely configured. For example, control cabinets with manual controls and hydraulic wiring diagrams, pressure maintenance systems for heating and hot water, various storage options etc., can be integrated.

Expansion options:

HC = Heating Circuit (direct)
MHC = Mixed Heating Circuit (Mixer heating circuit)
PBLM = Primary Boiler Load Module
SBLM = Secondary Boiler Load Module
PFM = Primary Fresh Water Module
RHU = Residual Heat Use

A stand frame made from square steel tubes with special anti-corrosion coating, serves as a basic framework and is mounted on vibration dampening feet. The systems are customised by our engineers based on the requirements of every customer. We are able to provide power up to 10 megawatts and more, if necessary. This is carried out in complex cases or upon request via 3D planning in our design department. There is also an option to split the system to ensure better incorporation. The stations are hydraulically adjusted to the control requirements of the customer in order to constantly guarantee energy-efficient control.


The systems are generally mounted on a frame stand or alternatively they can also be designed to be wall-mounted. The frame stand for mounting is equipped with height-adjustable feet. For both types of installation, the accessibility of all components and controls is guaranteed. This results in optimal control and ease of service.


painted, galvanised or powder coated
substructure suitable for lift trucks and forklifts
Transport solutions
individual design of housing cover (colour, imprint, design)

Heat insulation aqoFix

All components of a heating or hot water system must be adequately insulated.  Our new EPP insulation system gives you the option to do this as economically and effortlessly as possible. The EPP insulation can be removed at any time and is reusable to facilitate easy maintenance and system repairs.

The EPP material is absolutely free of harmful substances and recyclable and that is why it has been used in the food industry for many years. And the EPP insulation also meets the requirements of fire protection grade B2. 

No special training or qualification is required to handle the material. It is also easy to cut, saw, drill, mill and grind the material.

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