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The aqotec fresh water system tank "aqoFWSS“ is the hydraulic heating plant overall solution. In a perfectly matched system, the heat source independent stratified buffer operation, the patented hygienic warm water preparation (with or without circulation) and the operation of high and low temperature heat circuits operate independently.

  • Perfect use of space and optics
  • No legionella formation
  • Quick, easy installation and commissioning
  • No pipework
  • Protection against heat-induced calcification
  • Optimum thermal insulation

Through the integrated tube heat exchanger, which is insensitive due to its smooth surface, aqotec guarantees a high transfer performance. In order to achieve an optimal thermal insulation, radial soft foam rings and at the pipe openings, PU foam rings are installed on the fresh water system tank. The ready to plug-in heating circuit group - HCG - and the automatic system ventilation round out the "convenience feeling" one has with aqotec products.

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