fields with a * are duty

Customised control concepts are created and implemented with the aqotec PLC for power stations or tailored applications. Thus, there is a 100% compatibility with the used visualisation software of the transfer stations.

  • 100% compatibility
  • High-quality components
  • Compact design
  • course reserves

A an option, manual control switches of all field devices, controls / frequency converters, alarm systems, cabinet lighting, climate control cabinets, and PCs can be installed.
Documentation and planning documents are created using the latest CAD software. This includes circuit and, wiring diagrams, as well as lists for parts, cables, inputs / outputs, and parameters.

Top service

Our services include the training of users and operators during commissioning, as well as our assistance to them via remote maintenance or by phone. As an extension, we also offer customer support around the clock 

Network regulation

Serves as an overarching regulation of all components, as well as to collect all signals necessary for district heating plant operation.

Network pumps:
Pumps are controlled depending on load and according to the valve position at the district heating plant, pipe network characteristic curve, and/or differential pressure

Network temperature:
Controlled by outside temperature or on demand

Generators (boilers):
Controlled on demand depending on load 

Special station regulation:
Designed to regulate a feed-in station (external heat supplier in the district heating network) or pressure boosting station (decoupling of district heating network)

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