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This module card uses wireless technology with mesh function (meshed, self-building and configuring ad hoc networks) for data transfer. Free wireless networks allow connecting various wireless access points to each other..

  • Optimal retrofit option for existing projects
  • 100% compatible with the visualisation software "aqo360°" of aqotec
  • Parallel operation on TCP/IP or copper
  • Easy installation
  • High data security through 128-bit AES encryption
  • Error-prone network cable unnecessary
  • Operation also possible with older controllers

Here, each network module is connected to one or more modules. Information is forwarded from one module to another until they have reached the goal.
In this context, the module operates as router and client at the same time. This technique offers an extended range and ensures a "self-healing" network, which in turn increases overall reliability in this kind of networks. Upon connection failure or blocking, data are automatically redirected and the network remains operational.

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