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"e-view“ is an add-on to the "aqo360°" visualisation and is used, among other things, to optimise the network's operational processes.

  • Tabular overview of customers
  • Notices
  • Calendar
  • Quick access
  • Data cable layer
  • Empty pipe layer
  • Storage
  • Status (on/off)
  • Nodes

The program has a dynamic network plan of the different layers that can be displayed or hidden. The programme makes it very easy to set up new customers. When you click on a customer, the corresponding visualisation in the "Vision" visualisation program is automatically pulled up.

The "e-view" software can be used to create various nodes on the network to which downstream customers can be assigned.

Calculation of nodes on the network

The following values can be displayed in the network:

Feed line temperature
Return line temperature

Other functions

Meter analysis can be pulled up for each customer
Clear display of monthly and/or daily consumption
Grouping of two year periods possible
Customer values can be compared
Daily analysis possible
Customer control values can be stored

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