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As a total solution provider for biomass plants and waste heat utilisation, aqotec offers a holistic customer service, from the moment of project idea to assistance during commissioning.

  • Pre-planning
  • Basic planning
  • Submission plans and funding administration
  • Tender requests and assisting in tender awards
  • Construction supervision
  • Assistance in the commissioning process


Concept development

Understanding the customer structure
Site survey for the installation of the heating system
Rough definition of the district heating route
Pre-dimensioning of the heating network and the heat transfer station
Reproduction of the annual load duration curve
Configuration of the base load (biomass boiler), peak load boiler, and also buffer store

Profitability analysis

Capital cost estimate for the essential components
Heating plant (boiler technology, piping, electrical and control engineering, construction costs)
Heating network (pipe construction, heat transfer stations)
Determination of operating costs
Identification of funding programmes and subsidy rates
Proposal or determination of the heating price model and the necessary heating price
Calculation of project returns
Creation of a sensitivity analysis

Presentation of the project results

Presentation of the results (e.g. to the local council or in a public, highly effective information event)

Basic planning

Heating plant

Energy production and process engineering concept
Designing the fuel feed and the flue gas cleaning
Creating the layout plans
Hydraulic planning:
Creation of the hydraulic diagrams as well as dimensioning and design of various components, 3D pipe engineering
Disposal concept (ash, waste water)
Creation of time schedules


Heating network

Determination of the district heating route
Dimensioning the pipelines while taking into account future expansion stages
Design of the district heating transfer stations
Design of the network pumps
Determination of heat loss 
Simulation of different load scenarios

Survey of customer plants

Review of existing heating systems
District heating suitability check
Preparation of optimisation proposals
Lowering the return line temperature
Elimination of any hydraulic problems

Submission plans and funding administration

Submission planning

Coordination of all necessary approval processes for project completion
Consultations or preliminary talks with the competent authorities
Application conference
Building discussion meeting
Creating the submission documents (plans, technical description, etc.)
Specification of expert services
Incorporation of notices of approval in the implementation planning

Funding administration

Taking into account the guidelines of the relevant funding agencies (KPC, TFZ, KFW, …)
Preliminary talks with the relevant funding agencies
Detailed preparation of the necessary documents (e.g. all services of the planner according to QM heating plants)
Incorporation of the funding criteria in the system planning

Tender requests and assisting in tender awards

Complete tender process

Drafting the tender documents
Tender evaluation
Tender comparison
Exploratory discussions
Preparation of the contract documents

Preparation of the tender documents

Heating plant
Boiler technology
Fuel loading, ash removal
Flue gas cleaning and flue gas condensation
Heating plant hydraulics
Electrical equipment and wiring, heating plant control
District heating network
Civil engineering
District heating transfer station

Construction supervision

Technical construction management
Organisation of construction discussions
Setting up a time schedule and schedule tracking
Clarification of the technical implementation details
Implementation work controls
Identification of shortcomings
Invoice verification

Assistance in the commissioning process

Acceptance of the individual works
Safety system check
Supervision of the initial start-up
Assistance during the test run
Organisation of required certificates
Preparation of acceptance reports
Proposals for further optimisation measures