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In the aQademy of aqotec we offer our customers the opportunity to be even better trained on our products and services. True to the "best practice" principle, we jointly solve any case studies or problems and like to answer your specific questions.

Training content


Here you get clearly explained the basics and possibilities of the unique visualization software "vision" of aqotec.


The devices, aqoControl RM01 or RM02 aqoControl are intuitive tools for controlling your district heating station. In this training we'll explain how various settings affects various your district heating station.


This training is primarily intended to reduce the return temperatures of the secondary side and to reach the widest possible spread. 

Re-certification service partner "exclusive" 

For service partners we offer special re-certifications to obtain the status aqotec Service Partner "exclusive" upright. In this training all relevant topics for the proper servicing of aqotec products are treated.


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